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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is The Hindle designed for?

The Hindle primarily accepts applications from business leaders and top executives. More generally, I see the as experience as perfectly suited for those who want to learn more, continue to grow, are open to new ideas, and anxious to live life to its fullest.

What makes The Hindle different to the norm?

The Hindle offers a unique leadership development experience. We’ve done our research and nowhere else does business culture and leadership connect with art in this way.

How long does The Hindle run for?

You will arrive on a Sunday and leave six days later on a Saturday. There are five, full days of development activity, albeit with some leisure time to network and enjoy the surroundings

What will I get out of the experience?

There are many benefits and they are summarized here. However, more broadly, when you get back to your organization I hope that you will live your life differently and have a greater ability to develop a successful organization that satisfies the needs of everybody – your customers, your employees and you.

Why is The Hindle held in France?

In 2014, I developed a 40-hour program to teach CEO’s business culture. It was a success except for one issue. The American CEO, when in America, controls their comfort zone. When they were in class, one ear was on me, the other on their business. Sometimes they couldn’t attend because something was more important at work.
Human beings learn 90 % of what they know when they are out of their comfort zone. We must get you out of our comfort zone and let go of the business for a few days. If The Hindle was in America, our students would stay connected, and the program would be compromised. So we go to France, where most of the French don’t speak English. You can’t go to the street corner and demand a service. Out of your comfort zone, you’ll relax and let your guard down. This is the time to learn – and why not do it in beautiful Provence. Two birds with one stone!

Can organizations sponsor retreats for their leadership teams?

Absolutely. It’s a great idea to take a whole management team away from their normal surroundings and benefit from this unique experience. We can be flexible in adjusting the itinerary to your needs.

What happens if I suffer an emergency or get ill?

The Hindle is coordinated in France by Nathalie Besson (learn more – click to Nathalie’s page) who is French-speaking and will be able to assist in the event of any unforeseen issues.

How does The Hindle link into the book ‘Business Culture: Create your masterpiece?

I’m both the author of the book and the deliverer of The Hindle. My sessions on creating a cultural masterpiece are at the heart of The Hindle and are based on the book.

Is there any pre-work before The Hindle starts?

You will be asked to complete a ten-minute pre-attendance survey. Other than that just make sure you bring an open mind and an appetite to immerse yourself in the experience!

When and where will The Hindle next be run?

June 5th to June 11th, 2022 at Château de Grimaldi in the town of Puyicard, France about 10 minutes north of Aix-en-Provence.

What would a daily itinerary look like?

Each day contains around three to four hours of leadership development in sessions that I will deliver. Mostly these take place in the morning. Afternoons will allow for some free time before our other activities begin. You can view our full schedule here.

Do I have to follow The Hindle’s itinerary?

We recognize that emergencies can occur, but, in principle, we want you to attend all of the activities and immerse yourself in the experience. There will be time to catch up on emails and other business demands during breaks and in the evening.

I can’t paint – can I still attend?

Of course! There is no requirement for artistic ability. Tyson Snow, our resident professional artist, is non-judgmental. He will support you to enjoy and gain benefit from the various activities which are designed to release the right (creative) side of your brain and help you to appreciate how you can learn from art.

How do I apply to participate?

Just click here to register... Or contact our team and we will be happy to answer all your questions.

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“There is nothing more truly artistic than to love people.”

~Vincent Van Gogh